Another NaPoWriMo has come and gone! My thanks to everyone who participated, and a special shout-out to those of you who met the challenge and wrote 30 poems. If you didn’t quite make it this year, however, don’t worry — there’s always next time.

Thanks also to everyone who wrote in with comments and suggestions for the website. I hope to implement several improvements for next year. In the meantime, all sites, posts, and comments will be left up for at least a month or two. Thanks again, everyone, and I hope you had fun!

  • Lynn Fisher

    And thanks to you Maureen. You make every year so much fun : )

  • grapeling

    Thank you, Maureen

  • Angela White

    Until next we meet…

  • Anunoy Samanta
  • Donna M. Monnig

    Thanks for hosting NaPoWriMo, I enjoyed most of your prompts and had a lot of fun writing and posting my 30 poems in 30 days!

    God Bless,

  • El Santo

    Thank you so much! I had a great time!

  • Samantha Sargent

    Thank you so much for hosting and making the world aware of this challenge. It was such a joy working towards it this year and compete it!

    Yours Truly,

  • PJ Bayliss

    Thanks very much for hosting this campaign over April. It’s a great practice for the National Writing month.

    I ended up with 36 poems I guess in the end, 28 at the fate of your hand & prompts. (Excluding the 30-plus Haiku’s I tend to produce daily)

    Thanks again >

  • inktuition

    Thank you for a fantastic month. I managed 26 out of 30, and feel proud. I’ve written my first prose blog pose in a month on the 20 things I learned from doing NaPoWriMo. I look forward to next year.

  • inktuition

    I meant to write ‘blog post’ but it came out as ‘pose’.
    That must be significant, or my pride at completing NaPoWriMo is becoming rather too evident!

  • Colonialist

    Thank you for the hosting and inventive prompts. It makes a fascinating challenge.
    I must admit, though, that I am enjoying writing in prose again for a while!

  • Lupita Tucker

    I am actually not done with NaPoWriMo, since I started late I’m going to keep going until I finish the full 30 poems. I’ll keep posting them with the hashtag #NaPoWriMo.

    Also, a suggestion, please give us a head’s up at least a week in advance before deleting this year’s posts. I want to make sure I saw all the prompts and the links to other websites before they disappear on me.

    Thank you!

  • Nikhil Jain

    Miss u NaPoWriMo… u filled me with zeal of writing :)


  • Rick

    aloha Maureen – yes, thank you. fun and learning. a great combination. aloha.

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