Hello, everyone. NaPoWriMo is over for 2014. I hope you enjoyed flexing your poetry muscles! Thanks to everyone who submitted prompt and journal/press ideas, and thanks to all of you for participating.The best thing about NaPoWriMo is seeing how many people are able to use the project to clear through their mental underbrush and just sit down to write — whether they are trying poetry for the first time, returning after a long while, or just using it to further what has already become a lifelong practice.

I hope to see you all again next year. In the meantime, happy writing!

  • Rachel Barenblat

    Thank you so much for the prompts! I know that several of the poems I wrote in April were different from what I usually write and different from the habitual places where my mind takes me — and I really appreciate the opportunities to go in some new directions.

  • martha0stout

    Thank you for hosting this! It was a lot more fun than I ever thought it would be (and I was pretty certain it would be plenty fun in the first place.)

  • Tressa/thephantomexpresscard

    Have a great year!

  • Laura Martin Freeman

    It was awesome, thanks! I used more prompts this year than I did last year, so it was helpful for generating the ideas! You (and Chris Baty) are my heroes! :)

  • scant scintilla

    Thanks, thanks, thanks again. This was an awesome exercise and made me push some personal boundaries. Looking forward to next year. http://scantscintilla.tumblr.com

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