Hello, everyone! Today marks one full week of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo. I hope you are settling into your poetry-writing groove.

Our featured participant today is Smoke words every day, where the multiple-viewpoints poem for Day Six could be called “Five Reasons to Put Down Your Phone Already.”

Today’s interview is with Li Young Lee. Lee’s first book of poetry, Rose, is a staple in creative writing courses. You can learn more about Lee here, and read a number of his poems here.

Finally, our prompt for the day (optional as always) comes to us from Elizabeth Boquet of Oaks to Acorns. In keeping with the fact that it’s the seventh day of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo, Elizabeth and I challenge you to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness. For inspiration, take a look at Charles Simic’s “The Betrothal” and Stephen Dunn’s “The Arm”. Need something more? Perhaps these instructions from Elizabeth will get you going!

Create the following lists:

1. List 1 – 3 random objects. (Smaller tends to be better.)
2. List 1 – 3 random but specific locations. (Think in the cookie jar, or under my seat…)
3. List 1 – 2 objects you’ve lost and a few notes on their back-story.
4. List 1- 2 objects you’ve found and few notes on their back-story.

Now, choose an object from List 1, a location from List 2, and connect them in a poem with ideas from Lists 3 & 4 and Voilà! A fortuitous poem! As an example of a finished “fortuitous” poem, here is Elizabeth’s own “State of Grace”.

Happy writing!


93 Responses to Day Seven

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  4. eric erb says:

    ah, it is smarter to be lucky than its lucky to be smart! https://erbiage.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/lucky-river/ may luck find you and shower you with blessings!

  5. Angela says:

    Played with today’s prompt. Realised I loose more things than I find, but not the memories of them: https://unassortedstories.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/fortuitous-finds/

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  8. Happy first week of NaPoWriMo. Here’s my poem for today. I’m catching up! Yay! :D


  9. Gloria says:

    I am grateful for this prompt as it made me reflect on what I’ve been taking for granted


  10. I enjoyed every moment of writing a poem for this prompt. Brought back some beaustiful childhood memories with mom.


  11. https://visionariekindness.com/2017/04/07/after-all/
    welp I sort of went my own way… Good day to all poets/writers
    Loving NaPoWriMo

  12. Well, this got the creative juices flowing. Here’s today’s offering and now I must scurry in to the office. Looking forward to reading yours when I get back home!


  13. Rahul Gaur says:


    Snippet down below-

    A beautiful meditation on life, an easy ride they say
    With every breath, it feels like I weigh more
    My life, a performance of a catastrophe
    But still I perform, is it just good luck or good form?

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  15. This was fun to write. Thank you so much for the prompt.

  16. Anuj Mahadik says:

    I had so much fun writing this! What you lovely prompt. Let me know how you found it to be! :))

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  20. Claire says:

    Off-prompt. Unexpected. I don’t know, I just don’t know. https://clairevetica.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/rage/

  21. Raivenne says:

    It is how things will wage, for those who will not pay the cost

    it is how things will wage
    for those who will not pay the cost

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  23. An interesting process. When I started, I thought it would never work. Now I feel I have learnt something new. Thank you.

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  25. Here is my effort for today. *Fortunately* I found a way to stay true to my blog theme to write ‘Time and Chance': http://wp.me/p4eHj4-1bP

  26. […] NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 7 – Finally, our prompt for the day (optional as always) comes to us from Elizabeth Boquet of Oaks to Acorns. In keeping with the fact that it’s the seventh day of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo, Elizabeth and I challenge you to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness. […]

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  28. Life in 2017

    …How to soothe this inner shivering mess
    in the words of the wise: make art, breathe deep…

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  30. Anni says:

    I opened up my own Lost and Found in today’s poem, but with a rather unconventional lost and then found “object” ;)

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  32. This was an interesting poem to write. In following the prompts, I had no idea where this one was going to end up.

    Luck Turns


  33. Since I don’t believe in luck or chance, but believe in Divine Providence that is what I wrote about today. It’s on Prompt but just adapted to my view. You can find but at this link: https://leonaslines.com/2017/04/07/divine-providence/
    Thanks! I am enjoying each days prompt and posts!

  34. Jim says:

    Today at the Imaginary Garden we are asked to write an ‘Art inspired’ poem I used “Big Owl” to write a ‘Senryū Pair’ poem.



  35. Joseph Hesch says:

    Venus, Galileo & The Center of the Universe


  36. m.j.smith says:

    Here is a prose-poem that plays with the concept of fortune, or maybe with be-careful-what-you-wish-for:

  37. Lori Gomez says:

    Wow! First week is done… Amazing… I’m sticking with the prompts no matter what but I must say this one gave me fits! :D Cheers, everyone! xox


  38. Roshni Nair says:

    here’s my poem on today prompt. Its a bit funny but I hope everyone likes it.
    Titled “Found Them!”

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  40. S.G. Liput says:

    My poem centers around a lost and found Lego piece, along with what it represents to the finder:

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  42. Katie says:

    WHOO. I struggled a bit with this one, but reading everyone else’s responses helped a bit with inspiration. =) Here’s today’s poem:


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  44. Crow says:

    Ha ha ha ha–I’m not writing about good luck. But my poem was inspired by the exercise described in the prompt. For some reason, I thought of a glass eye. It kind of snowballed from there.


  45. Fortuitously for this prompt, I grew up in a very old (and somewhat haunted) house built in the 1840s, and random objects were always turning up. I would like to play with this idea a bit more, so of course the resulting poem is nowhere near finished, but here is what I came up with: https://katiehoganoconnor.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/napowrimo-day-7/

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