Hello, all, and welcome back for the sixteenth day of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo. We’re past the half-way mark now, and hopefully you are feeling good about your writing so far!

Our featured participant for today is Jane Dougherty Writes, where the doubles prompt for Day 15 resulted in a poem that can be read on the left, on the right, or altogether!

Today’s poet in translation is Somalia’s Maxamed Ibraaahim Warsame Hadraawi, a longtime advocate for Somalian independence and peace. In addition to poems, he has also written many plays, and collaborated with musicians, penning lyrics for dozens of songs. You can find six of his poems translated into English at the link above, and another, in both Somali and English translation, can be found here.

And now for our (optional) prompt. Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. Happy writing!

Almanac Questionnaire






Childhood dream:

Found on the Street:






Hometown memory:

Notable person:

Outside your window, you find:

Today’s news headline:

Scrap from a letter:

Animal from a myth:

Story read to children at night:

You walk three minutes down an alley and you find:

You walk to the border and hear:
What you fear:

Picture on your city’s postcard:


78 Responses to Day Sixteen

  1. Pat R says:


    Hello Everyone. I’m early today. Here is the link to my entry..off prompy:) A Tanka.

  2. mtw says:

    i posted my almanac questionnaire and poem separately. this was such an interesting prompt! i enjoyed it greatly. answering the almanac questionnaire was kind of like prewriting, in a way, and summer town’s flower girl came naturally after i finished.

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  4. angela says:

    I love the prompt but I had already written another one: https://unassortedstories.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/out-of-sight/ I might pick up the prompt later today if I find time for it.

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  9. Mar Claudrin says:

    This prompt was actually mad-fun. I decided I wanted to include all of my answers in my poem, so it’s quite peculiar. But I like the end result :) xx


  10. […] The Day Sixteen prompt from napowrimo.net for 2016 NaPoWriMo is an Almanac Questionnaire soliciting answers for 23 categories, from weather, flora and architecture to “what you fear” and “picture on your city’s postcard,” with directions to write a poem based on any of your answers.  I’ve chosen my answer for “Found on the Street” – the end of innocence resulting from an incident 44 years ago.  This isn’t accompanied by my usual photo or graphic, because it was pretty much a black and white night when all we saw was shades of gray.  My mind won’t allow me to assign some random image to it. […]

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  12. angela says:

    Yay, I found time for the prompt, so I’ve just posted my second poem today: https://unassortedstories.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/lost-marbles/ My 17th poem, posted on day 16. Does that mean I get to skip a day? ;)

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  14. Claire says:

    Great prompt – at first I thought I wouldn’t do it but I love where this took me. https://clairevetica.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/zurich-almanac/

  15. Vin says:

    I didn’t go fully by the prompt. I just picked out what I found outside the window [Breeze] and wrote something out.


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  18. grapeling says:

    not quite to this prompt (as it’s not concrete enough), but to the real toads prompt today.


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  23. I decided to go with the prompt for today and wrote some tidbits about my childhood hometown.


  24. Allie says:

    Here is my poem, My Favorite Places. https://abm97.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/16-napowrimo-my-favorite-place/

    “It was our dream to be the heroes,
    Saving the world from all the evil foes.
    Until we were conquered by what life throws.”

    Allie <3

  25. David Ellis says:

    I used the prompt in a very literal sense. I took every Almanac question and turned it into a line within the poem and made the focus about tabloid journalism and press manipulation in our lives


  26. […] Lovely prompt today. Many of these lines taken from my “field notes” (taking liberties with the limited source material from that day) when visiting the town. […]

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  30. I liked this prompt. It gave me a chance to express some recent distress regarding the city where I’ve lived for 19 years: https://marilyncavicchia.com/2016/04/16/greetings-from-the-remains-of-chicago/

    • “Postcards of our city
      still show those sailboats, valiant as anything
      mythological, and the lake, still standing there
      as always–glassy and stupid, believing it’s a sea.”

      is just gorgeous, as is the whole thing. Nailed it!

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  34. Katie Staten says:


    I kind of decided to just use a phrase from each of the prompts (or most of them) to describe a place near my hometown that means a lot to me.

  35. […] Day 16 NaPoWriMo – Today’s prompt is about an almanac.  We fill in facts about our hometown (or any place we wish, real or imagined.)  Then, we take the results and write a poem. […]

  36. Gene says:

    I got to this one a little late in the day, but I finally made it. It started out pretty roughly, but I managed to pull something together.


  37. Had a day without words today for some reason so I decided to put out word about tomorrow – it’s National Haiku Day! – and write a clump of haiku. Here’s one of them:

    Tomorrow’s the day
    It’s National Haiku Day
    Embrace the haiku.


  38. perfunctoryperfectionist says:

    I used the scrap of a letter question. So now it doesn’t make much sense, but oh well. https://neitherapplesnororanges.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/letter-scrap/

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  41. Vijaya says:

    Racing to get this in before midnight!

    Here’s my almanac poem:



  42. I liked the list of prompts–it was hard to just choose one, so I will keep it for future reference. My poem is a Cinquain about “Outside My Window” https://leonaslines.com/2016/04/16/outside-my-window/

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  50. Eric erb says:


    My attempt. For june I’ve been reexamining my work from April. Sometimes bust, sometimes boon

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