Hello, all! Just two days left now. I’m so happy to see how many of you have made it this far!

Our poetry-related link for the day is to htmlgiant, a literary blog that routinely features articles and reviews on new poetry.

Today’s featured participant’s blog is undercaws. The poem for Day 27 was put together from overheard conversation, as discussed in the very interesting process notes. It can be great fun to learn how a poem gets made — and this one is no exception.

And now our (optional, as always) prompt. In honor of the many poets outside of the United States who are participating in NaPoWriMo, Gloria Gonsalves (originally from Tanzania and now living in Germany) has suggested that we try writing poems that contain at least five words in other languages. You could perhaps write a poem that takes place in a foreign country or, like our featured blogger for the day, write a poem based on overheard conversation (inclusive of foreign words). So whether you have to dig deep into what you remember from high-school Spanish, or use a dictionary to translate a few interesting words into other languages, why not drop a Mohrrübe or an asciugamano into your work today (even if it seems de trop. Happy writing!

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