We’re two weeks into NaPoWriMo. I hope it’s going well for you!

Our featured link for the day is From the Fishouse, an online audio archive of readings by emerging poets.

Our featured participant’s blog is Matt Walker, where the poem for Day 11 makes leaps and turns that recreate the thought process, the process of coming together and fading away.

And now, our prompt. Today’s should be fun — I hope. I challenge you to write a persona poem — that is, a poem in the voice of a particular person who isn’t you. But I’d like you to choose a very particular kind of person. How about a poem in the voice of a superhero (or a supervillain)? Comic book characters are very much like mythological characters — they tend to embody big-picture values or personality traits. Good or bad. Loyal or disloyal! (Heck — some comic book characters are mythologial characters — think of Thor). And like mythological characters, superheroes and supervillains let us tap into deep-seated cultural tropes. So go for it. Whether you identify with Batman, Robin or – gulp – the Joker, let’s hear your poems in another voice. Happy writing!

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