Hello all, and welcome back for the 24th day of NaPoWriMo!

Today’s poetry related link is to The Poetry Society of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1909, the Society publishes Poetry Review and also engaged in the almost-too-British endeavor of knitting a very large poem to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Our featured participant’s blog for the day is The Ellipsiad, where the predictive-text/ottava-rima/fortune-cookie poem for the 21st is utterly charming.

And now, the prompt (which is optional)! Today I’d like you to think about words buried in words. In particular, think about the words buried in your own name. Plug your name into an anagram generator, like this one, and try writing a self-portrait poem using words that are generated. (Don’t worry if it takes a minute or two to generate the anagrams — you’d be surprised how many different ones a name will generate — mine generted 107,144 anagrams, and I didn’t even use my middle name)!

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