Well, we’ve officially passed the one-week mark! We hope your inspiration is holding up. But if you find it flagging, our daily optional prompts might just give you the lift you need to power through.

Today, we have two featured participants: (1) Behind Door Number 3 and (2) Orangepeel, where you’ll find very differnt, but compelling, takes on Day 7’s postcard prompt.

Our featured resource today is this animated video of a talk given by the poet Jane Hirshfield on the art of the metaphor.

Finally, our (optional) prompt for the day takes its inspiration from Laura Foley’s poem “Year End.” Today, we challenge you to write a poem that centers around an encounter or relationship between two people (or things) that shouldn’t really have ever met – whether due to time, space, age, the differences in their nature, or for any other reason.

Happy writing!

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