Today marks the halfway point of Na/GloPoWriMo – I hope you and your poems are going strong!

You all really hit it out of the park yesterday, with your parodies and satires in response to Day 14’s prompt. I couldn’t choose just one — so we have two featured participants today. First up is Poem Dive, with a paean to the ubiquitous smartphone, and second, Orangepeel, with a timely grouse about the Internal Revenue Service (for those of you elsewhere, April 15 is traditionally the day that annual tax returns are due in the United States).

Today’s resource is Where to Submit, a feature of Heavy Feather Review. Updated every few months, this is a good resource for open calls for submission for journals, anthologies, chapbooks, presses, fellowships, and other poetry-related opportunities.

Finally, here’s our (optional) prompt for the day. Begin by reading June Jordan’s “Notes on the Peanut.” Now, think of a person – real or imagined – who has been held out to you as an example of how to be or live, but who you have always had doubts about. Write a poem that exaggerates the supposedly admirable qualities of the person in a way that exposes your doubts.

Happy writing!

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