Happy fourth day of Na/GloPoWriMo, everyone!

Our featured participant today is Lizzy Burnham, who brings us an appropriately peculiar — and vinegary — poem in response to Day 3’s surrealist prose poem prompt.

Today’s resource is the Instagram account Read a Little Poetry, where you will in fact find a lot of poetry.

Our (optional) prompt for the day challenges you to write a poem in which you take your title or some language/ideas from The Strangest Things in the World. First published in 1958, the book gives shortish descriptions of odd natural phenomena, and is notable for both its author’s turn of phrase and intermittently dubious facts. Perhaps you will be inspired by the “The Self-Perpetuating Sponge” or “The World’s Biggest Sneeze.” Or maybe the quirky descriptions of luminous plants, monstrous bears, or the language of ravens will give you inspiration.

Happy writing!

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