Hello all– we’re two weeks into NaPoWriMo!

Today’s featured journal/press is Similar Peaks, which has published NaPoWriMo-er Kelly Jones. Similar Peaks publishes both an online magazine and poetry chapbooks. Keep your eyes out for their open reading periods.

Our featured participant for the day is Travelling Hat, whose substitution poem for Day 12 is really wonderful. I know that this was a pretty strange prompt, but I think the results across the NaPoWriMo-i-verse have been pretty great. If nothing else, it’s a prompt that gets you to sentences you probably wouldn’t have come up with off the top of your head.

Today’s prompt (optional, as always) is a little something I’m calling “Twenty Questions.” The idea is to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question. That’s it! It can be as long or short as you like. The questions can be deep and philosophical (‘what is the meaning of life?’) or routine and practical (‘are you going to eat that?’). Or both!

Happy writing!

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