Congratulations, all — we’ve made it one-third of the way through National/Global Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s featured participant is the sea close by, which brings us both a Spanish and an English version of a lovely and sensuous response to Day 9’s Neruda-inspired ode prompt.

Our resource for the day is the YouTube channel of Canada’s Griffin Poetry Prize, where you’ll find videos of past prize nominees as well as discussions of the art of translation.

And now for our optional prompt! Ezra Pound famously said that “poetry is news that stays news.” While we don’t know about that, the news can have a certain poetry to it. Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on one of the curious headlines, cartoons, and other journalistic tidbits featured at Yesterday’s Print, where old new stays amusing, curious, and sometimes downright confusing.

Happy writing!

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