Welcome back for the second Saturday of this year’s National/Global Poetry Writing Month.

Our featured participant for the day is Poem Dive, where you’ll find a vertiginous and expansive eulogy for a mayfly in response to Day 12’s “tall tale” prompt.

Today’s resource is the twitter account of the Wild and Precious Life reading series, where you’ll find a prompt every day for this month (if our own prompts don’t inspire you, or in case you just want to collect oodles of prompts to keep you going after April’s over).

Finally, our optional prompt for the day asks you to play with rhyme. Start by creating a “word bank” of ten simple words. They should only have one or two syllables apiece. Five should correspond to each of the five senses (i.e., one word that is a thing you can see, one word that is a type of sound, one word that is a thing you can taste, etc). Three more should be concrete nouns of whatever character you choose (i.e., “bridge,” “sun,” “airplane,” “cat”), and the last two should be verbs. Now, come up with rhymes for each of your ten words. (If you’re having trouble coming up with rhymes, the wonderful Rhymezone is at your service). Use your expanded word-bank, with rhymes, as the seeds for your poem. Your effort doesn’t actually have to rhyme in the sense of having each line end with a rhymed word, but try to use as much soundplay in your poem as possible.

Happy writing!

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