Happy twenty-fifth day of Na/GloPoWriMo, everybody!

Today, our featured participant is two participants, yet agains: Jacqui Dempsey-Cohen and Amita Paul, both of wrote poems chock-a-block with extemely vivid similes in response to Day 24’s “hard-boiled” prompt.

Our featured online journal for the day is Okay Donkey, which has been publishing poetry (as well as other genres) monthly since June of 2018. From their recent issues, I’ll point you to Audrey Hall’s “Old Man in the Kitchen,” and Amorak Huey’s “A Small, Private Sadness.”

Today’s (optional) prompt is based on the aisling, a poetic form that developed in Ireland. An aisling recounts a dream or vision featuring a woman who represents the land or country on/in which the poet lives, and who speaks to the poet about it. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that recounts a dream or vision, and in which a woman appears who represents or reflects the area in which you live. Perhaps she will be the Madonna of the Traffic Lights, or the Mysterious Spirit of Bus Stops. Or maybe you will be addressed by the Lost Lady of the Stony Coves. Whatever form your dream-visitor takes, happy writing!

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