Hello, everyone! There’s just one week left now! I hope your poetry muscles are keeping pace.

Today, our featured participant is Graceful Poetry Press, where the Earth Day poem for Day 22 has both gratitude and a sense of melancholy.

Our poetry resource for the day is From the Fishhouse, an audio archive of emerging poets. Here, you’ll find a host of interviews with poets, as well as recordings of poets reading their work.

And now for today’s prompt (optional, as always). Today, I challenge you to take a chance, literally. Find a deck of cards (regular playing cards, tarot cards, uno cards, cards from your “Cards Against Humanity” deck – whatever), shuffle it, and take a card – any card! Now, begin free-writing based on the card you’ve chosen. Keep going without stopping for five minutes. Then take what you’ve written and make a poem from it. (Hat tip to Amy McDaniel for the idea!)

Happy writing!

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