Welcome back for the penultimate Monday of this year’s Na/GloPoWriMo.

Our featured participant today is Flutterby’s NaPoWriMo, which brings us a purple-themed poem in response to Day 21’s color-based prompt.

Today’s featured resource is litbowl, an Instagram account and Facebook page that posts poems and prose with the goal of helping readers find new poets and authors. The account has

Last but not least, here’s today’s optional prompt. This one comes from the poet and fiction writer Todd Dillard, who provided this idea on his twitter account a few months ago. The idea is to write a poem in which two things have a fight. Two very unlikely things, if you can manage it. Like, maybe a comb and a spatula. Or a daffodil and a bag of potato chips. Or perhaps your two things could be linked somehow – like a rock and a hard place – and be utterly sick of being so joined. The possibilities are endless!

Happy writing!

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