Welcome back for Day Two. I hope your initial day of writing went well.

Our featured journal today is Graze Magazine, which has published NaPoWriMoer Marilyn Rauch Cavicchia. Graze focuses on something near and dear to everyone’s hearts: eating. The magazine is reading for their October 2014 issue, so if you have a poem that fits with the magazine’s theme, you might consider sending it along.

Our featured participant for Day Two is Patrick Horgan’s napowrimo blog. Patrick’s poem for Day 1 pretty much expresses the statements of a little voice that starts piping up in my head every time I sit down to write. But that voice has gotten quieter over time; now it’s barely a whisper! Hopefully NaPoWriMo will help to calm down your inner “oh no, I’m writing poetry” voice, too. (Also, my apologies to Patrick if, by featuring his poem, I’ve turned a klieg-light on all his oh-noes)!

And now for our optional prompt. There are many good poems based on myths. Lots of these use Greek or Roman myths. Consider Tennyson’s Ulysees or this more modern example by A.E. Stallings. But today I challenge you to write a poem based on a non-Greco-Roman myth. You could write a poem inspired by Norse mythology, or perhaps by one of these creatures from Japanese legend. Every time and place and culture has its myths and legends, so there’s plenty to choose from. Happy writing!

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