We’re getting so close to April 1!

Yesterday, we featured some tips on how to read your poetry in public. But reading series don’t just need readers — they need listeners, too! So, during April, why not try to take in a poetry reading? Most towns have at least one poetry reading series, whether it’s an open-mike at a coffee shop or a more formal series with invited readers.

Poetry readings are a mixed bag, of course. If you started going to concert venues to listen to lots of live music, or patronizing galleries to see lots of art, you’d find some music and art you liked and some you didn’t. Similarly, if you start attending poetry readings, you’ll hear some stuff you like, some stuff you hate, and you’ll hear things you think you would like if only the poet were a better reader! But going to poetry readings will expose you to poetry you didn’t know existed, help you to develop your own taste, and give you the opportunity to meet other people interested in poetry.

And if you google around for local poetry series and don’t find anything, you might just consider starting a reading series yourself! (If you do, here’s an article that might give you a little insight into how to get started).

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