We’ve got just six days left until NaPoWriMo begins!

Today, as we count down to April 1, let’s explore some of the poetry resources available on Twitter. Yes, there is poetry on twitter! In fact, both poets and poetry journals have taken to twitter in spades, leading to lists like these: 38 Gifted Poets on Twitter and Twenty-Five Literary Magazines to Follow. Following your favorite journals on twitter is a particularly good way to keep on top of submission periods, new issues, and other news.

Of course, it’s not all straight-faced and straight-laced. Every profession, hobby, and lifestyle, from extreme snowboarding to competitive crochet to – yes – creative writing, has both its ups and downs, its foibles and follies as well as its merits and achievements. And where there are foibles, there is . . . the internet, and, in particular, there are parodic Twitter accounts. One that may give you a laugh – or possibly, have you cringing — is Guy in Your MFA. Why get a Master of Fine Arts degree when you can get the wisdom of an over-pretentious classmate for free?

If you have a Twitter account yourself, you might find some amusement in Poetweet, the website that turns your tweets into poetry. Really! Just enter your twitter handle and the website will build a rhyming poem from your old tweets.

And finally, you can follow us on Twitter, too — @napowrimo2015!

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