Another April gone, another Na/GloPoWriMo in the books! Thanks to everyone who participated. It’s so heartening to see the many folks who return year after year, as well as each year’s crop of fresh, new participants willing to spend their Aprils writing poetry.

And my special thanks go out to everyone who cheered on other participants in the comments on each day’s post, on Facebook, and on Twitter! The community that you create and foster is truly special, and I’m beyond grateful that you give your time and enthusiasm to making Na/GloPoWriMo a welcoming place for all.

Our final featured participants for the year are Farah Lawal Harris, who brings us a blazing hip-hop cento, written by e.s., who provides a lyrically lush cento of gratitude, and finally, Gloria D. Gonsalves, who wrote not one, but two centos in response to our final prompt.

All of this year’s posts and comments will remain up and available for your perusal, and I will leave this year’s list of participants’ site up until we begin our housecleaning early next year in anticipation of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2022 — which will be the project’s twentieth year! I can hardly believe how it’s grown since 2003, when it was just me writing poems by myself in my bedroom, to the present day, when there are participants all around the world!

See you next April! And in the meantime, happy writing!

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