Hello, all! It’s the first day of Na/GloPoWriMo! We hope you’re all ready to start writing, and excited about the prospect of winding up with thirty poems at the end of the month.

As usual, we’ll keep the “Submit Your Site” form open through the end of the month, so even if you get started late, or only start posting poems online midway through the month, you can have your website posted. And of course, if you’re not planning to post poems, that’s fine too!

This year, as usual, we’ll be featuring a new participant each day. Today’s participant is Theobald Walrus, who, in addition to having a wonderful blog name, has a charmingly tricksy riddle poem, following our early-bird prompt!

In past years, we’ve also pointed you to a poetry resource, such as poems by poets in translation, new journals, etc. This year, we’ll be featuring a mix of craft resources and interviews that we’ve conducted with poets who have new books out or forthcoming. Our first interview with with Lauren Russell, whose book, What’s Hanging on the Hush is just out from Ahsahta Press. Lauren’s work seamlessly blends pop culture, high culture, and personal accounts, leavened with flashes of dry wit. You can find a selection of poems from the book here, and you can read our mini-interview with her here. In the interview, you’ll find answers to questions on how Lauren got started writing poetry, the best (and worst) writing advice she’s received, and a generative, collaborative poetry exercise.

And last but not least, here is our (optional, as always) prompt for the day. It’s based off of Lauren Russell’s collaborative poetry exercise. Today, we challenge you to write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure. It could be eating too many cookies, or bad movies, or the time you told your sister she could totally brush her teeth with soap. It’s up to you. Happy writing!

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