Happy Na/GloPoWriMo Eve, everyone! I hope you have brought the traditional accoutrements of the holiday, including sharpened pencils, new notebooks, freshly opened Word documents, and a readiness to versify.

Our craft resource today is a short article featuring fifteen poets’ thoughts on revision. While our focus during Na/GloPoWriMo is on first drafts, revision is a big part of the poetic process, and one that everyone struggles with. Hopefully, this will give you food for thought and inspiration as you tackle editing your work.

And now for a bit about timing! As in prior years, each day’s post and (optional) prompt will go live at midnight eastern standard time. However, because April 1 comes earlier to some parts of the globe than others, we also have an early bird prompt for those of you for whom the day is well-advanced before we even get to the witching hour here on the east coast.

Today’s prompt is one we’ve used before, but it gets great results, and who can argue with results? So today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem in the form of a love letter . . . to an object. Ideally, the poem will be a kind of riddle, where it’s not totally obvious that the addressee is your beloved childhood pogo stick, or a dish of pad thai from your favorite restaurant, until near the end. This is a great opportunity to play with some of the clichés and tropes of love poetry. But while this kind of poem can be a great way to explore humor in verse, you might also surprise yourself with just how deep and true your feelings toward an object can be. Happy writing!


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