We did it, everyone! We got through yet another Na/GloPoWriMo. I hope you enjoyed the prompts, readings, and featured participants this year, and that you have a crop of drafts to work over during May (also known — to me, at least — as National/Global Poetry Revision Month).

Our final featured participants for the year are Hues n Shades, which brings us a lush and mysterious response to the “directions” prompt for Day 30, and MellowYellow, where the directions will lead you to encounter, among other things, the Grand Boogle of Betrayal Weasels! (I am not sure whether these are better or worse than R.O.U.S.)

Finally, I want to thank everyone who participated, and all those who commented and cheered one another on in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter. It heartens me every year to see how friendly and supportive Na/GloPoWriMo-ers are of each other’s efforts. Truly, you are what makes Na/GloPoWriMo great!

Thank you all, and until next year — happy writing!

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