Hello, all! Today is March 29th, which means we have just three days until the beginning of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month. I hope you are getting ready – whether that means buying a new notebook for your drafts, or just dusting off your keyboards.

One good way to learn about what’s going on in Poetry-Land is to check out poetry-related blogs. The Poetry Foundation keeps a good one here, which features long-form pieces from guest bloggers, interviews, and interesting poetry-related news. Or maybe you’d like your poetry information to be more audio-based? Then you should check out PennSound, which archives hundreds of readings and interviews. And if you’d prefer a truly multi-media approach, perhaps Moving Poems, focusing on videopoetry, is more your style!

We’ll be back tomorrow with some more resources to get you excited for April. Until then, please remember that if you’d like us to link to a website where you’ll be posting your work, you’ll need to submit the web address using the “Submit Your Site” feature above. And you can always follow our prompts and other posts on Facebook and on Twitter (@napowrimo2017).

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